Nexus 9k Health Assessment 

What's in it for you? Use case validation, best practices check, utilization report, current state as-built document, and a review of the environment by the BTA team with hundreds of deployments under their collective belts. You'll also receive a software upgrade recommendation and training assessment. This comprehensive analysis provides insight into your system's health at a much deeper level. 

The Health Assessment addresses these points:

1. The software version is reviewed for known issues
2. Fabric connections are checked to
ensure that all points in the fabric are working and healthy

3. APIC/DCNM are reviewed for health, and any possible hardware issues
4. CIMCs are reviewed to ensure that they are on the network and functioning at a recommended version
5. Faults that are present are checked for possible impact to operations, as well as future upgrades 
6. Configuration issues are considered and reported


7. Read-Out
- Executive Summary
- Network, Application, and Security Health
- Private and Public Cloud Optimization
- Business Value and ROI
- Nexus Dashboard Demonstration

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